A cold walk 

The other day I was in the New Forest, now the New Forest is beautiful and I would of loved to used lots of film on the lovely landscape and wild animals but I only had one film with me so I was waiting for a specific walk to an old castle called Hurst Castle […]

A funny first adventure

One of my first proper adventures out and not just test shots from the house, was to a building called Eastney Beam Engine House, this is an old Victorian pumping station that was used for sewage, and has been restored to working conditions. It was so loud in the building with all the mechanical things […]

My first Christmas

This was my first Christmas with Chris, Chris does not have a big family so it was quite a relaxed Christmas… Well Christmas Day was… we has a nice lay-in and did nothing at all in the morning. In the afternoon we went to his parents house for a late lunch of a traditional English […]

Hello… I am new here

​I am starting to get a little nervous, it is only two weeks before the start of my blog and I’m panicking that I have not got everything ready. Before my blog properly begins I best introduce myself… Hello my name is Mino and I am a 35 year old Minolta Hi-Matic af2. I am […]