Look, look, look… a Penguin!

I have never taken photos of animals so when Chris told me we were going to a zoo I got very excited. While we traveled I was thinking about how I was going to compose shots etc when I thought “how am I going to take good photos without a zoom” that is when I got scared as I did not want to get too close to the animals with their sharp teeth, Chris said he would look after me and put on my strap which made me feel safer.

The first thing I saw was some Giraffes and wow that are tall! I took some photos and one even looked at me while I took a photo, we also saw tigers which were beautiful but scary and thankfully behind glass, we saw some smaller animals some mongooses and meerkats, some super scary reptiles. Then we saw some lemurs and moneys, now these were cool, swinging around having fun, well… it was fun until my flash went off and the moneys go angry and made some very loud noises. We were coming to the end when Chris brought me over to see the Penguins, I instantly fell in love, and got overexcited as I went through two rolls of film very fast, they were so cute and by far my favourite thing at the zoo!!


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