The Kings beach house 

​​Built by King Henry Viii in 1544 and right on the sea front this must of been a awesome beach house for a king.

Chris told me that he comes here a lot to take photos and I can see why, it’s such a pretty little castle with an interesting history. While I was reading the displays about the history of the castle I saw a dark staircase in the next room and curiosity took over, I wandered off without telling Chris and went up the stairs which took me to the roof of the keep, and then I saw the view…. a 360 degrees view of the sea and Portsmouth, I was a bit sad that I could not take a panorama photo or have a zoom, after a whole roll of film I realised that I did not know where Chris was, thankfully it only took one shout to get his attention (he was still reading and did not notice I was gone), he came up the stairs reloaded me with some film and we continued taking photos. There are also some scary tunnels at the castle I only managed a few shots before I got scared and hid in Chris’s bag. 

I must of got over excited as most of the photos are overexposed and unusable, sorry.


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