Cannons and bangs

At the beginning of the week I went to ​​Fort Nelson, this is an old fort build to protect England from the French in 1859 and is one of five Portsdown Forts. We had to walk up the hill and it was very tiring. The fort is part of the Royal Armouries and has lots of old cannons on display, some where boring to look at but others were so pretty, I bet these ones were never fired.

Also while at the fort they fired a cannon, which they do everyday at 1pm, the particular cannon they fired was a 25 pounder field howitzer, it was very loud and made me jump, I do not like loud noises because the last time i heard a loud noise I fell over and scratched my back, this time I was well held as I have a new colourful guitar style strap.

I really really enjoyed coming here, lots and I mean lots of interesting cannons and things to look at and it’s free so what could be better.


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