Hello… I am new here

​I am starting to get a little nervous, it is only two weeks before the start of my blog and I’m panicking that I have not got everything ready. Before my blog properly begins I best introduce myself…

Hello my name is Mino and I am a 35 year old Minolta Hi-Matic af2.

I am Japanese but I have lived in England all my life, my original owner was a Mrs Elizabeth McFadden* who was a nature photographer taking photos of gardens and flowers and she worked near Aberdeen in Scotland. I now live on the south coast of England with my owner Chris, who takes me with him everywhere he goes, I am even in his bag when he goes to university, he takes very good care of me. I live with two relatives, my uncle Minolta SRT-101 and my cousin Minolta AFZ Quartz Date. Chris is always looking for other Hi-Matic family members for a family reunion.

I can definitely feel that I am well loved and getting old, I have a few bumps and bruises on my body but my 38mm f2.8 lens is still working perfectly along with everything else, I think someone at some point must of given me a lovely repair.

On this site I will be showing you some of the photos that I have taken and the adventures I have been on. 

My first blog will be on 1st of January at 6pm GMT and every Sunday from then on.

I hope you enjoy

I got so excited writing this that my flash popped up (how embarrassing)
*my serial number was researched and the original documents were found in an archive 


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