Super cool cemetery in B&W

So I went to a graveyard and it was amazing, I am sorry I do not mean to come across disrespectful. This graveyard was very overgrown and deserted, some graves were buried in ivy or trees had grown around and over them, there was lots of shadows. I could not find how old this graveyard […]

I was very scared

​Now this is new to me, black and white film, I was super excited to use this film but also a little scared because of where we were going to take photos. We went to an abandoned 1950s military radar established The entrance was fine, nice and bright with some super old school switches and […]

Such cool flags 

In Old Portsmouth there is a church with no roof it is called The Royal Garrison Church, but every time we are nearby it is not open, according to the information board it was build in 1212. On this particular day I was at Old Portsmouth the church was open so I rushed in to […]

The Kings beach house 

​​Built by King Henry Viii in 1544 and right on the sea front this must of been a awesome beach house for a king. Chris told me that he comes here a lot to take photos and I can see why, it’s such a pretty little castle with an interesting history. While I was reading […]

Cannons and bangs

At the beginning of the week I went to ​​Fort Nelson, this is an old fort build to protect England from the French in 1859 and is one of five Portsdown Forts. We had to walk up the hill and it was very tiring. The fort is part of the Royal Armouries and has lots […]